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Originally Posted by 宝马.e90 View Post
I think BMW was more focused on Toyota's hybrid technology more than anything. Honda might be better overall in terms of technology but I don't think BMW was looking at that. I don't know why BMW won't ship more diesels over here. I don't know the cost of of diesel vs hybrid but I'd imagine they're in the same ballpark, if not diesel being less expensive. But I guess with North America's infatuation with hybrid's, this is BMW just capitalizing on the hybrid market already being strong in petrol and diesel.

I don't see how this could end up bad for BMW and I can't wait to see what comes out of this agreement. Maybe in the future, I can skip a 3er and just go straight for a Corolla/Camry with a BMW engine, the money I can save...
Not disagreeing with you on that baoma, no question BMW is after Toyota's hybrid technology (athough strictly speaking, Honda were actually the first ones making hybrids, but the Insight was obviously less successful then the prius). I'm just wondering, since they have agree to both jointly research and develop batteries, how their agreement will work in practice. Since many joint ventures fall apart from incompatible working styles. So BMW and Toyota will have to find a way to work together without compromising each other's strong points, and that is often easier said then done in reality.