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Originally Posted by c-mon-son View Post
I hope for those of you that think these price increase are BS are just f-in around. You gotta be out your d*mn mind if you think those prices are bad. For new models such as the 3 and 5 look at what ur getting... big fricken deal destination and handling fees go up $895, your buying a premium car which leads the competition every year. Inflation is inevitable and a lousy 1% is peanuts. C-mon guys, think about it before u write a response to a thread like this... you shouldn't be thinking about buying a BMW if these prices rub u the wrong way cause good luck if your warranty expires and you need to take it in for service. You better be counting those pennies!
actually over time of owning my 335i sedan for the price and issues even though its covered with warranty sometime i think why did i buy a 50K car with issues that shouldnt even happen on this much money spent. squeaky brakes ... constantly even after fixing.... and other issues. i mean even a honda doesnt get this issue till its time for an actual pad change. maybe its depends on the model, i plan getting a m3 but if dumb problems like not being able make braking sounds go away on a 60k car and getting stupid answers from dealer that will def drive me away and im sure others.