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So you need to understand how the brake pad monitor system works. It is dual stage, which means the pad wear sensor has two wires in it to break at different times. The first wire is in front of the second wire (as they are facing the pad). When the first wire breaks after contacting the brake rotor the computer senses the change in resistance of the circuit. The computer loggs this event and uses the mileage recorded along with other variables to estimate when the pads will need replacement. This information is then displayed on the CBS notification. Once the second wire is broken after contact with the rotor, the dash light for pad replacement comes on and stays on. If you replace the sensor with a new sensor before the second wire is broken in the old sensor, you can screw up the CBS computer's expected second wire breakage event. My advice is to use the old sensor until it breaks the second wire (in dicating the new pads you've just put in are worn out). Or you could by a new sensor and shave it down until the 1st wire is broken, that my trick the computer into thinking the sensor has not been replaced.

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