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Originally Posted by snakes1021 View Post
I had my recall done (3 months back)they did not replace my HPFP. but did replace 1 coil pack and all 6 injectors. Earlier this week I noticed way long cranks for about 2 days then I filled up Tuesday left the gas station got the SES and jitters like there was no fuel, called bmw they said next avail appt was next Wednesday and I should be ok until then. later that day i got half engine light horrible shaking no acceleration goes away when car is turned off but comes back horrible intermittent shakes and loss of power rpm is all over the place. Called yesterday to update my SA. And on the way home it got really bad so I just took it in as an emergency drop off. I noticed that the whole way home my engine temp gauge was below normal but my fan was nonstop and louder than ever.

All symptoms match HPFP with the exception of the low temp and constant running of the fan . That just stared yesterday I donít know when if/when the HPFP was replaced. I have 74k on the car. Glad I got the extended warranty.

there is about 30k miles since last HPFP failure.
The thing is they are very methodical about the hpfp replacement, hpfp, lpfs, then injectors. Your issue may be something else but it's anybody's guess. Again, if the forum is any indicator, from tens of posts daily on hpfp, to every week a post here or there, this is a done deal. Even the haters don't bother to post anymore! LOL