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The Subaru is mechanically (almost) identical to the Toyota – the only difference of note between the two cars is that the BRZ gets marginally stiffer suspension settings. But, although the two brands are officially happy to split the corporate acclaim, it’s worth nothing that the project was almost entirely engineered by Subaru, and both cars will be produced in its factory.
Suspension has been derived from the Impreza, but cleverly reworked with the lower arms of the front McPherson struts turned back-to-front to make the minimal front overhang possible. Twin wishbones at the back are pure Impreza, but the BRZ gets a larger differential to cater for the fact it's rear-drive only.
Versus the Toyota, though? That’s a tricky one – design is always subjective, but we reckon the GT 86 looks slightly better. But with Subaru UK anticipating selling around 1000 cars a year – versus 4000 for the Toyota – the BRZ is always going to be a more exclusive option.
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