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Exclamation Swirl Flaps

Its not a euphemism, don't worry, I was just wondering if the notorious swirl flap issue of older 30d's was still present in the current N57's - such as mine. I know the first gen X5 30d was prone to this issue and the symptom was unsteady idle at start up. Do the current 3.0L's suffer from this?
I'm wondering because it was brought to my attention after watching a (shite) Fifth Gear review of buying a used X5 30d and it was recommending you watch out for this as it can lead to dramatic engine problems.
This brings me onto another question; is my car normal? On 8/10 (evening through to morning - 13hrs) cold starts, the rpm at idle is ever so slightly fluttery until it warms slightly. Is this normal? The current temperatures at cold start are about 2 - 6 Degrees C so rather cold but I don't remember it doing this before.
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