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Originally Posted by gizmo335i View Post
Yeah I agree with most of this....the East is weak. I just look at three losses that we should have won...we had all three won...Jets, Patriots and lions....all good teams...but shoulda, coulda woulda.....

If we would have gotten blown out by those teams..then I'd think we're not that good...but we didn't...we had them won...
exactly...we had them won, but one person caused us to lose 2 of those games. romo threw away the detriot and NYJ game by himself. had it not been for him, we would be 8-2, which is where i think this team is talent-wise. i just still think romo is a chink in the armor. i will eat crow for the rest of my life if romo ever wins a SB, but i just don't see it happening. too many stupid mistakes at critical points.