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Brake Fluid Service

Hi all,

My 335i has notified me that I need a service this month. It's last service involved engine oil, front & rear brakes, micro-filter, spark plugs & air cleaner element, this was done only February 2011 and since then has only covered 1000miles more so none will need doing again. My dealer advises me that all I need is a brake fluid service, does this sound correct? The service book suggests that a fuel filter has never been changed but I don't know if this car has one that lives in the fuel tank and never needs changing.

If the dealer is right, how much can I expect to pay? Apparently their systems are down so they cannot quote me today. Alternately, as I have warranty, could I source genuine BMW brake fluid and have my (more) local (friendly with & capable) Mercedes dealership carry out the work for me without any issues? I believe that they can reset the service light also.