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Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post
This is pretty much going off topic from what I was getting at in the first place, which is that you posted that you always wonder why someone driving a Porsche (sports car) would need 300+ hp. I just see a pattern with you taking digs at Porsche and I'm wondering why you keep isolating that brand.
Sure you are smarter than that... where I want to get at is very simple:

What people value in a car with sporting pretenses most of the times has nothing to do how fun and how controllable the car can be - which is the main trait of this Toyobaru and what a sports car should be all about - but it's the image that can be projected to others while cruising that matters instead - which is the main reason why they (old guys) buy a 911. DB9, XK-R and AMGs all are much better options for cruising than a 911, though.

GT 86 development engineer Yoshi Sasaki says the GT 86 is for those who are bored with cars that are too powerful with their turbo engines, have too much grip with their huge tyres and four-wheel drive, cost too much and don't let the driver do enough. 'A fun car,' he says, 'is a car that you control.'