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Jeez, not everyone buying a 911 is an idiot. Many buy them because they are a great balance of handling, reasonable performance and comfort. For the same money, they could have bought any number of faster or better handling cars, but where the 911 really shines is that it provides a balance between handling, acceleration and comfort that is relatively peerless within it's competitors.

The BRZ/86 will not be peerless among it's direct competitors. The next gen Miata could clean it's clock, the Hyundai Genesis Coupe while heavy and a little under engineered will appeal to many of the same buyers and of course a Mustang GT is much faster and not a slouch at handling either.

I like this car, but any sort of comparison to a 911 of any generation is just silly, Porsche has had that car right from the beginning and has polished it for over 45 years and your attempt at slighting the 991 by saying it won't be as track oriented as the previous cars apparently missed early N'Ring times that say anything but.