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Originally Posted by JamJay View Post
Hi all,

My 335i has notified me that I need a service this month. It's last service involved engine oil, front & rear brakes, micro-filter, spark plugs & air cleaner element, this was done only February 2011 and since then has only covered 1000miles more so none will need doing again. My dealer advises me that all I need is a brake fluid service, does this sound correct? The service book suggests that a fuel filter has never been changed but I don't know if this car has one that lives in the fuel tank and never needs changing.

If the dealer is right, how much can I expect to pay? Apparently their systems are down so they cannot quote me today. Alternately, as I have warranty, could I source genuine BMW brake fluid and have my (more) local (friendly with & capable) Mercedes dealership carry out the work for me without any issues? I believe that they can reset the service light also.


2 years is an absolute must, as advised by my buddy who is a VAG mastertech. According to him, moisture gets into the fluid which can can performance issues such as failure in the event of emergency braking. The 2 year rule is unaffected by whether or not the car has been heavily used.

Just had the 3 series fluid changed on the weekend as was uncertain if it had been done in the all honesty mate, when it comes to safety equipment likes brakes, tyres etc, I would just err on the side of caution and not comprimise/economise. I say this because I had an accident a few years ago, where the fact that I had changed all 4 tyres the previous night probably saved my life.

In terms of cost, I would expect 50 all in from a local indy, as long as they bleed the brakes properly and reset the pedal, this will be fine. Incidentally, most main dealers simply vacum the old fluid out which is the 'quick and dirty' method.

Just my 2 pence worth!