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Originally Posted by Giz View Post
Hi guys

Am currently thinking about replacing my daily driver (e36 97 M3 Lim) with the 320si. Have heard similar problem stories though as well as some replacement engines.

Altghough Ive searched high and low I cant seem to find any good forums other that this one with 320si info.

So can I please as Mr. Monty's Si, which forum he is referring to here:



PS. Am otherwise thinking about a Golf R32 but being a Golf and all that puts me a bit off though its a brilliant car. Id like to own the car for +/- 5 years.

Sorry Giz, the other site will offer no help with the Beemer as its a Porsche Club Forum. Now if you really want to read about tales of woe .........

I will say I've owned many a fine motor all have plus points but also the negative points (Audi rubber discs on the A6 allroad comes to mind, Porsche rear main seals leaking) if the Si is throwing up problems then most have about 2 years left to run on the warranty so by using this forum we should be able to air/discuss our issues and "help" BMW rectify faults like the poor idling, cam belt timing, possible engine loom problems, rusting disc brake housings, etc.
I think if you test drive an si and the idle is ok, you'll appreciate what BMW have put into this car, superb handling and braking and an engine that will go on and on before having to change gear.


(ps Monty is my Labrador)