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What a bad experience!!

Wow, well I just got off the phone after a FIGHT with my SA! Man, I can't believe he was so difficult, I mean, what ever happened to "the customer is always right.. especially one that just parted from $45k a few months ago"!!! here's a brief description of the conversation:

bmw: we were unable to duplicate the issue that you reported
me (politely): it does happen and when it does it's very frustrating not to have your navigation work properly
bmw: sorry to hear about that but we cannot do anything
me: it's very frustrating to be caught up somewhere without having that nice arrow in the small nav window and also it's frustrating when you always see it sitting on 'transferring messages' screen. can you please upgrade the software?
bmw: sorry to hear about that, nothing we can do
[ a couple more exchanges back and forth]
me: why the hell are you being so difficult?? i've had bmws before and have never had such a problem when getting serviced! i am telling you there is a problem!
bmw: BMW will not allow us to upgrade it if we can't replicate the problem (blah, blah)
me: LOOK, there is a service bulletin out there for this, do you want me to read it to you!!
bmw (in a lecturing tone): sir, i cannot do anything. i know about the service bulletin but bmw has said that not all cars are affected
me: EXCUSE ME, let me read this to you.. Customer may complain of the following: Navigation system pop-up arrow display missing. PROCEDURE
For all vehicles, on a customer complaint basis only, refer to the following procedure and warranty information.

someone speaks in the background and the guy says under his breath.. "now i'm being told what my job is"..

can you believe this??? what a jerk! anyway, the phone goes on hold and after a few minutes he comes back a bit calmer and says that they are going to follow some special bmw service policy (crap) and try to get it pushed through. but that would mean they need to keep the car until tomorrow and then the service director and his "lead technican" will need to drive the car and test it. he also asked whether this happened ALL the time and i flat out said "YES!"

sorry for this being so long, but i had to vent. i'm sure i'll have to vent tomorrow because it's a certainty that they're going to want to charge me for keeping my rental car for an extra day! i don't think i should have to pay!
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