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Originally Posted by cc_25 View Post
They do in the US.

Canadian e9x models don't have "regular" TPMS, they use the ABS sensors to measure rotation speed thereby extracting pressure (change in speed=change in size=change in pressure)

Though I'm not sure how that works with a run-flat.
Guys, there are NO TPMS sensors in E9x cars wheels or rims

Please read the owners manual, page 65

There are no 'in tire' sensors to clog or fail with slime or any other product.

Excerpt from owners manual:

Flat Tire Monitor FTM*

The concept

The Flat Tire Monitor monitors tire pressures while the car is being driven. The system reports any significant loss of pressure in one tire in relation to another. If a tire loses pressure, its rolling radius changes, and this in turn alters the speed of rotation. This change is detected and is reported as a flat tire.