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Originally Posted by onebadmofo View Post
Welcome AE are still dim on my car but I did change the length they stay on for.
No idea where about this value is in FRM3, shouldn't be too hard to find it.
Can you please tell us which value it is for the welcome light length and welcome light AE brightness?
I got it. It's WL_DAUER and brightness equals the settings of parking light brightness.

Originally Posted by mfr122887 View Post
From the research I did it seems that SL refers to the angel eyes. What is the dfference between 1 and 2? From looking at this, which do you think it is?

Any idea what FKT or TFL means?
I don't know exactly what the difference between 1 and 2 is but sincle I am from germany I can help you translate the cryptic letters.

BL = Braking Lights ("Bremslicht") (these often are AE undimmed - so the abbreviation in fact is misleading
SL = most likely parking light ("Standlicht") (AE dimmed)
FKT = most likely refers to the FUNKTION DE or FUNCTION ENG as which the light is being used. E.g.: NSL_FKT_SL is the fog lights when being used as parking light.
TFL = daytime running light (AE bright)

In germany we differ between Parklicht (PARKL) and Standlicht (SL). Both is to be used when the vehicle is stationary in germany. The Parklicht in fact is the Standlicht when only activated either on the left or the right side of the vehicle. Technically, as you know, it looks the same except that one side is dark

Originally Posted by mfr122887 View Post
I write the german translations in just to complete this.
AL = low beams (Abblendlicht)
FL = high beams (Fernlicht)
WL = welcome lights (Welcome Light, no german here)
SL = parking lights (Difference between 1 and 2 is front and back) Standlicht in GER
NSW = fog lights (Nebelscheinwerfer)
POL = corner led (pretty sure)
KZL = license plate LED Kennzeichenleuchte
FRA = ambient light? could be "Fu▀raumausleuchtung" - ambient light in the inside on the ground where your feet are
TFL = daytime running lights Tagfahrlicht
NSL = rear fog lights Nebelschlussleuchte
Originally Posted by onebadmofo View Post

Dude I already told you, instead of wasting time just come over and I'll bang it out for you. You're 15-20 minutes from me.
Is this the brightness settings for the AE when using as DRL (PWM_SL_1_FKT_BL_TFL) and when using parking light (PWM_SL_1_FKT_PARKL)?

Originally Posted by Toad335 View Post
In my car (2009 E90) the AE brightness when headlights on was PWM_RL_BL_1_FKT_SL


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