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Hi guys,

I'm know that on these forums I'm a lurker of sorts but was wondering if anyone had a failed pump sitting around that they wouldn't mind sending to me? I'd really like to look into the cause of the pump failure and possible solutions/upgrades for them.

I do have a pump design and DI background (mechanical/motorsports engineer), so it's not just going to some idiot. I generally do taylored Subaru race engines but have had a few of my old and current customers asking me to get into the N54/N55 and the 997.2 tt platforms, both which seem capped on power because of fueling. In this case reliability is also a factor, not just injector flow and pump pressure.

So I'd like to take a look into it, as the HPFP problem is actually part of what prevented me from snagging one as a DD.