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Originally Posted by Bargamon View Post
I read the issue and agree.

The car is wonderful.

I don't even think of the Pending f30 nor any other car.

I really like this car and plan on driving it for while.

Im happy, no mods, no turbo. Just the factory sport, 6 MT speeds and the joy of the suspension and the dynamaics of this car.

The car is wonderful!

I'll want an F30 one day, but until then, I am happy.

No lease, no lci, no mods, no turbo, no loan, no CPO, no warranty, no problems........52k miles.
I agree with you. Sometimes people say to me, why a 325, not a 330 or 335? I tell them I'm not looking for the performance enthusiasts are looking for, I want a car, all stock to just drive nothing more nothing less.