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Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
Correction, if you're old school, you say 3 Series and Accord, and move on to the other 8. Taking them out is about as likely as the Kennedys moving their compound to New Jersey. If you're newer school you say 3 Series, Accord, and Fit, and go on to the next 7.

Agree 100 percent. The Accord has been on the list for longer than the 3 series. Still.. it shouldn't be taken for granted... A shame the 1M couldn't displace the Golf/Gti... Really kinda crazy to not have it in the ten best... I mean really... toss out either the Focus or the Fit..

Unfortunately... the 10 best seems to have Categories now... old school folks will remember when it was simply the ten best cars... not the Ten best model lines..
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