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Originally Posted by sle39lvr View Post
Due to uneven ride height up front on my stock suspension, I want to see if replacing strut mounts would fixe the issue.

1. Can this be done without a spring compressor? My old VW, You would take out the strut nut, then the shock would hand down enough to replace it from underneath the wheel well. I am not sure how complicated it is on these cars..

2. It looks like it will run me around $100 a pop for these mounts from realoem. Are there two different kinds for sport and non-sport? I have non-sport suspension.
Are you replacing the entire mount or just the springs? I promise you this is by far one the easiest thing you can do. Do not be afraid to tackle this. I bet it took me all of 45 minutes to jack the car up, take out the stock struts, and put it coilovers. Use something to slightly hold open the knuckle that the strut mount slides into and its a simple one man job. If youre replacing the springs just rent a spring compressor tool and thats it