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Originally Posted by peterg1965 View Post
'scuse my ignorance, but I didn't know there was a 320si model, is that an E90 or E91? It's not on Could someone be kind enough to explain?. Thanks.
Hi Peter,
Only had my 320si for a couple of weeks, I originally went shopping for an E90 320d but 2nd hand prices were too close to new, I then found an E90 si at a good price and not having heard about or seen one did some digging before I went on the test drive.
Basically and happy to be corrected if I'm wrong, in order for BMW to go touring car racing and have some beefed up bits from the standard fare in the E90 they have to produce so many cars with those racey bits (2600 worldwide just 500 came to UK) to sell to the public, In this case they also used the limited edition model only available for a short period in 2006 to celebrate winning the 2005 WTCC with Andy Prioux (excuse spelling) most of the UK car mag. road tests on the si model stated that the UK allocation was sold out before delivery had begun. There does seem to be a few going through the hands of the BMW dealers at the moment including one in Preston that has the full compliment of racing decals and a BTCC race spoiler. What got me hooked was the precise handling (if you search for 5th gear VBH 320si test drive there is a short footage of its handling ability), although much is said about the hand built engine in the si with 23 bhp over standard 320i this is not a high performance car with the 325i leaving it behind. But the handling and braking ... well its more akin to a Porsche and thats from experience.

Hope that provides a very short explanation of the si.