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Been busy with work so not been able to read the forum for last few days.

Hi Monty - at last there is another 320si owner on this forum.
I've had mine since Sept 06 had a few problems.

1. Rattle in dash/door frame (solved by dealer)

2. Foreign object attacking the car on the motorway (not BMWs fault)

3. Rust on brake discs (affects all E90's with big alloys)
Squeaky door mirror (Solved by dealer)

Its been in the garage about three times and once for its first oil service.

I'd class most of them as minor but the engine one has peeved me off a bit.
As it seems a bit sluggish at the moment.

The car goes to BMW tomorrow for two days to carry out the work they think it needs.

I'm sure they may comment on the mileage - its 24.5k at the moment got anothe 7k before spark plugs need changing (probably in next two months).

As mines a company car i'm going to make sure the lease company get it sorted. I absolutely love the car - its my first ever company car.

I've had it going round roundabouts at full whack and it just amazes me how it sounds and holds on for its life!!

I've taken it on the autobahn to 140mph (fully laden) and all I can say its sounds awesome above 100mph - take it to Germany and try its well worth it.