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Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
From a business perspective, it's plain stupid, rather than arrogant, for them to not try to get you to have more work done early. Whenever I've been in they ALWAYS try to get extra work done early, by thousands of miles some times.

It's an opportunity for them to get more money out of you while you're there (and a bit of good customer service to boot)

For all they know, once you leave they might not see you again for the next batch of work.
Why look for work when at every visit you are charged 2 units of labour for Standard Scope Inspection, when I queried this I was told it was for booking car in etc. That works out at 25 + for every visit and thats why I have chosen to have oil service and brake fluid change together this time saving the 2 units of labour. yes I admit they will look for work outside of the condition based service items for warranty and of course chargeable if outside of warranty.