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Originally Posted by cstmx_ryder View Post

I would like some suspension gurus to chime in on this issue.

So here's the shake down:

Everything was fine prior to upgrading to PSS10s, was running on ZSP suspension.

After the suspension upgrade, and a replaced driver-side tie rod, and two alignments(one by an indy shop after the suspension upgrade and before the tie rod replacement, one by the dealership after the tie rod replacement). My car pulls to the left when the steering wheel is straight.

What do you guys think about the cause? The tie rod isn't adjusted correctly? Bad alignment? Wheel out of balance? Uneven wear in tire tread(I had my driver side tire replaced due to defect, so the driver side is new, and passenger side is about 30-35% worn)?

This has been driving me NUTS! LOL.....


Could be:
Tire pressure low on one side
Unbalanced wheels
Tire wear? Did you ever get an alignment after mounting the new tire?