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Originally Posted by StylePoints View Post
This is not targeted towards any tuner per say. Just curious if you guys are worried about warranty being void if something does happen like a premature turbo failure which was the cause of running higher boost? And don't say BMW wont know because they will. I had my Audi chipped and the turbo gave at 2.5 yrs and Audi refused to replace it under warranty and I didn't really feel like taking them to court since I know they were right.

I'm currently chipped as well, but I had to REALLY REALLY talk myself out of getting the Procede. That chip just seems too good to be true at 2psi over stock. But hey, maybe in 2 yrs all you Procede guys will still be running smooth without problems and I will be banging my head against the wall for not having that extra 30hp and going with a slightly weaker boost chip. But then again, if the stock turbo is suppose to last 50k miles at 6-8psi I wonder how long it will last at 13.2-15 psi on Procede v1.45 or even more on V2. I'm going to install the turbo timer ASAP and I sure hope all you guys chipped get one to cool these girls down after running on 1Bar boost.

Again, this post is not meant to flame. I am only curious to what your precautions are with the route you took. I know for me, I was so close to ordering the Procede, but I really had to talk my self out of it due to bad past experience with my Audi. And maybe the 335 is just that much better than my old Audi. I had plans to get an exhaust, but now I think about it, what's the point. You guys with only the Procede will probably still walk me with my chip+exhaust. I am just really curious if Vishu is really this Genius tuner who everyone proclaim as GOD on here, or is he just over boosting (yes air/fuel mixture and some other stuff, but mainly boost)? I guess time will tell.

What troubles me is why would BMW pay their engineers and in house tuners millions of dollars to produce the "ultimate driving machine" just so they can detune a motor to 275wrhp when Vishnu himself can tune it to 379rwhp (Procded V2)? I mean detune it 25-35hp I can understand, but 104hp? Makes no sense to me, but that's just me. I'm just rambling on because I didn't have the balls to get the PRocede and I admire all of you who did. You guys got balls with your $50k car. Best of luck to you guys! And please update us on your experiences with the Procede down the road, I for one am very curious as to how all these chip war unfold.

Please don't turn this into a flame war. Everyone is proud of their mods, but lets try and have a civilized discussion here to inform the rest who haven't mod their cars yet. These cars are still very new so a lot of opinions are just speculations, but lets talk about them? Shiv, or any other tuners please shed some light as well if you have the time. Thnx!

I made the same decision...I went with the Eurobahn TT...excellent results...very easy to remove and cheap. It doesn't have the OMIGOD factor that I've seen the Procede owners proclaim but the increased power is exciting and the system is much less invasive...two plugs...and your in business.