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Originally Posted by jaceaholic View Post
They look awesome! I cannot wait to throw mine in. I have an extra set BTW if anyone is interested
Thanks for the haha jk.. glws!

Originally Posted by gizmo335i View Post
Man, I just need specifics on how the hell to take pics like that. I played with the shutter speed but to no avail
Well it was a cloudy but bright day, all the shots were handheld.. I used a Canon t3i with 18-55mm for pictures 4,5 and 7. 55-250mm for the rest of the shots including the video. I had flash off, and used a flash diffuser for a couple of them. I slightly cropped and rotated all of them. I shot most on Auto mode. And slightly edited all of them (brightness, contrast, color, white balance, exposure, shadows, etc.)

Originally Posted by balgopi View Post
May you please describe the installation of these?

I'm looking to buy these from the same vendor that you did from Ebay and can you please give me some tips on how to handle this mod as well?

Feel free to PM if you'd like or you can reply here
Well I started off installing these myself and it was a pain in the ass removing the bumper without the right tools.. so I ended up driving over to my buddies shop and he did all the work. Since all bulbs where pre installed it was just plug and play. I definitely recommend upgrading your fog lights to match the headlights when your bumper is off, I didnít upgrade and they really look out of place now.

Originally Posted by BringsMoreWomen View Post
It's officially sexy!
Thank you!