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I figured I'd add in what I've found out. I ordered two copies, one copy for me and one for my dad. I just got them two days ago and tried to play mine on my Playstation 3 but it was just a black screen. So I started doing some research and this is what I found out:

-I believe the issue you guys are having has nothing to do with region coding. The Blu-Rays were produced for the European market and it was produced in a different format named Full HD 1080i 50Hz, now I don't know a whole lot about this but Sony Playstation 3s don't play anything in the 50Hz format. I also believe that there are a select few Sony Blu-Ray players that support this as well. I then tried the disc in my dad's player and it worked. His is a Samsung and it converted the format from the 50Hz to the standard US format.

Here is a forum that has a list of players that support it and a bunch more info:

Hope this helps everybody else. The movie is EPIC BTW.