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Well, just because the car has a PROcede doesnt mean that is the cause of limp mode.

If you read the magazine that tested the 335i vs the G37 in arizona you will find that the 335i went into limp mode and it was bone stock.

I personally havent seen an engine temp above 230F in Florida at 93F outside, unless my car is in park and idling for 10 minutes. I drive it pretty hard at times and have never been to 240F. Now, I am sure my auto has the added oil cooler and maybe that is the reason.

It seems after researching the forums and following Vishnu's updates along with end users feedback that everyone is loving the product and any problems that may have arised have not been problems that have JUST happened with the PROcede. I (and I am sure many of you) have read about stock cars with failing fuel pumps and cars going into limp mode. So far his product is the only one that was entered in a 12hr race with no reliability issues.

I dont know much about tuning but just because the TT is suttle doesnt mean its better for the engine. They could have just turned up the boost a few psi's and not adjusted any other parameters.

Sorta off topic, if you wanna hear something funny - I was at a muffler shop last weekend and the muffler guy was telling me about how chips were a waste of money and that you can just drill three holes in the wastegate which would cause it to hold boost longer.