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Maybe it is just me, but I am starting to read into why sales are so good for BMW.

I read an interesting article in C&D the other day about the most incentives offered to buyers, and BMW topped the list by far with (I do believe) 4 of the 10 most significant incentives. That tells me (maybe what I already knew) that the cars are so terribly overpriced that BMW would still make money off a vehicle while offering up to 15k off the sticker price.

(Models with incentives were M6, 6 series cabrio, Alpina B7, and one more I can't think of)

I can only think that BMW's are way too overpriced. My E92 may be my last BMW for a while if they just keep jacking up prices. Its not like I am believing the weak dollar, because the euro isn't doing that well either.

While I love my car for what it is, maybe I am getting a little tired of hearing how sales are doing so well for them, and how much customers are being gouged for the 'opportunity' to own one.

60+k for the top non-m 3er? seriously?