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Originally Posted by gunnerxq View Post
There are a few other things I guess I should add to this post: I'm 18 so the insurance is a big factor, my parents think the 335i is to fast, and unfortunately they won't allow a manual no matter what car I go with.
That's weird my dad actually forced me to get a manual he didn't listen to my mom telling me to get an automatic. It was the best thing that was ever forced onto me though. Now I'm a manual guy for life. Try to convice your parents of the benefits, better fuel efficiency and better control in the snow. I mean you are their precious child wouldn't they want what's best for you? [/quote]

coming from a 19 year old 335i owner i say u get a 328 just cuz infintiy does not compare to a bmw at all.

my freind has a g35 an their like made of plastic!