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Originally Posted by balgopi View Post
Oh gotcha. How about not damaging the tabs?

Because it seems like people always end up breaking the tabs. Any suggestion that you have to handle that?
Be patient and handle with care I guess.. I get pissed off easily so thatís why a calmer person did the install

Originally Posted by CoolManJeff View Post
were did u order these from? website??

Originally Posted by Shanghai_Texas View Post
you can find them on ebay.

couldn't find them for the e92 though...would definitely be interested.
well, you canít go wrong with OSS!

Originally Posted by balgopi View Post
They're are two common complains with projector headlights:

1) Condensation forms in the headlight when exposed to water (rain, car wash, etc.) Has this happened or will you test it out?

2) The beam pattern of the headlights sucks. Basically, it is not level and you have to "self" adjust it to make it horizontal and straight so that the light level is straight. Any truth to that with these?
Washed my car a bunch of times, couple of heavy rains, and a few showers; they still look like the day I got them in the mail.. I guess time will tell.

Actually the beam pattern is pretty normal, I can take some pictures if youíre serious about getting these?

Originally Posted by STEAN View Post
Just wondering, if the halos died, is it replaceable? do you switch out new halo rings?
Iím not 100% positive, but I think you can switch them out..

Originally Posted by FiremanLU706 View Post
Looks awesome!
Thank you!

Originally Posted by didyoufeelit View Post
I have these and I was worried about condensation as far I have not had any condensation even after some heavy rain days and a few washes..*knocks on wood* hopefully it stays that way

Beam pattern is mediocre..definitely not as nice as oem, but it's somewhat acceptable..I'm running halogens tho but would love to run hid's if I didn't have to deal with errors
Mine came with the HIDs and have had no errors whatsoever

Originally Posted by Newman028 View Post
Awesome, my old e46 was that color.

I'm getting a pair of these for but Christmas on my 07' but i gotta ask did you get any errors with these or are you using a canceling module?

Also what bulb are you using for the low beams?
No errors at all, everything I needed including ballasts were included.

Originally Posted by oscarsaul View Post
nice ride!!! great look!

yo buy this in ebay?

I did, here is the link: