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Originally Posted by ChuckD05 View Post
well i have owned a 03 g35, 09 370z, and currently own an 08 135i and an 06 325xi

things that matter are ... does the bmw has navi. this to me makes the inside of the car much more appealing and useful, does the g35 have navi?

power and performance wise the g35 with its vlsd and almost 100 more horsepower will be the car you have more "fun" driving. The bmw will feel more sophisticated but if I were to pick one car to drive everyday when I was 18, I would pick the G35.

But a 328 coupe with the right wheel on it, and an upgraded suspension, can end up being very very pretty.

issue with the bmw and same thing with g35s their base wheels are a bit blah so if one is a base model and other has sport package and 18" wheel that you like that can play a roll in your decision.

If one car is much more loaded than the other that can change the decision but judging by your user name i think the g35 is the car for you.,

With the G35 defiantly watch for oil consumption, the first thing I would do when I look at any g35 is check the oil, if its a qt low, RUN away from it.. if the car doesn't burn oil you really have nothing to worry about.

but if you want the classier car , its the bmw. The BMW is def better made but at 18, id take the g35 if it was nicely equipped.

but as I stated first I now own two BMWs and unless Nissan releases a turboed Z again I will prob own nothing but bmws for now on. And I'm with others if you can get a 335 do so! the 328 is down way too much power to the other two, not that its the slowest car out there, it's just not a very powerful car but a car that serves its purpose as an all around cruiser very well.
Don't forget if he is in high school so its the name that matters a lot plus there are always AA tunes that can fix the power deficiencies.
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