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Originally Posted by StylePoints View Post
lawdude is a joke. look at his last 15 post. None of which contributes to any discussion on the forums. He just butts in and makes a few wise ass comments and bounce. Thats all he is. He probably don't even own a bmw. I doubt he even has a license.

I've been lurking for a few weeks now and I decided to sign up and say: for a day trader you sure are childish. I say let the true results determine what you have to say about company A vs company B's product. I swear this is the only business where internet trolls can actually have an affect on someone's livelihood simply because they don't like someone or a particular product.

This car seems to go into limp mode a lot, as evidenced by the (Motor Trend or Automobile, I'm not sure) article about the new G vs the 335. Guess what if it happens stock then forcing more power (read: heat) onto the motor may cause it to happen MORE.