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Originally Posted by DomE92 View Post
I've been lurking for a few weeks now and I decided to sign up and say: for a day trader you sure are childish. I say let the true results determine what you have to say about company A vs company B's product. I swear this is the only business where internet trolls can actually have an affect on someone's livelihood simply because they don't like someone or a particular product.

This car seems to go into limp mode a lot, as evidenced by the (Motor Trend or Automobile, I'm not sure) article about the new G vs the 335. Guess what if it happens stock then forcing more power (read: heat) onto the motor may cause it to happen MORE.
>>> What is company A and what is company B. I've mentioned Procede, but what did I compare it with? I've never said Procede sucks get company X's chip. For someone who lurks around its funny how this would be the first post you jump into. To defend a company that I'm not really even bashing. I just brought up a few points. Don't you see, I'm not really hating on Procede. I actually considered buying one and called them my self. Shiv was pretty polite and nice over the phone. What stopped me from buying it was because I dont think other chip tunners are INCAPABLE of putting a chip on the market with similar numbers as Shiv, but maybe they are just holding back for longevity? There are 2-3 chips around 315-325 whp (correct me if im wrong). So I was basically asking the opinions of others, there must be others who are contemplating the same thing as me. Then all of Shiv's online buddies come here and get very defensive. Why is this such a sensitive topic? We are talking pros and cons. It's almost like we can only rave about the pros, but if we brought up one negative scenario, you will definately get bashed.

Might I add, I didn't even say anything about what I "heard", which I didn't claim until Shiv himself asked, "what did you hear"? Then I replied what I heard, and bam...there they go. Yes, I know what I hear may not be true. So all the good stuff I heard about Procede is 100% true, and the few bad things I hear are automatically b.s trash talk leaked by their "competitors"? Whatever. Procede is awsome, Shiv is THE best tuner by far. Bmw should definately hire him because the 335i would have been making 379hp rwhp right out of the factory.