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Originally Posted by lync9763 View Post
i don't see the 330i having any more horsepower with a supercharger vs a 325 or 328 with a supercharger. You have to take off that 3 stage intake manifold to put in the supercharger intake manifold on both models. The 325/328/330 all have the same N52 underneath... if anything, the 328 would have the most gain out of the three...
Gavin obviously can chime in and tell better, but I'm pretty sure the supercharger feeds into the throttle body on whichever engine its on, meaning the OEM manifold is retained.

This would mean the 3stage manifold would still exist. Not sure if it would matter with FI.

But yes the underlying engine is the same and software is most likely the same between the two so the only difference would be the three stage manifold, and that actually may be bad for power when it is being fed pressurized air. Only one way to know.