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Originally Posted by tDillan View Post
Has anyone ever done an out of state lease with Irv? I want to lease an F30 M-Sport when they are released with ED, but I live in VA. I'd much rather go with Irv because of his reputation on these boards than find a dealer here that may or may not be familiar with the ED process. I recall reading somewhere that since the lease is through BMW Financial and not the dealership, it doesn't matter which dealership you turn the lease in at. Any truth to this?
All absolutely true. I just leased a 135i Coupe through Irv, though I live in Missouri. They'll even take care of dealing with the sales tax depending on your own state rules. The process was even more painless than doing it through my local dealer (which is a long story in itself)

I started the process of getting my new 135i via Euro Delivery and Performance Center Delivery on July 12th, 2011. On that day I fired him an email and by the next day he had returned an email even though he was out of the office all that week. Pretty quickly we nailed down the details of what I wanted to order, and he proposed a price we could both be happy with. Everybody wins

In less than 40 emails including some order changes, we had the Euro Delivery booked and in the can. Now, it didn't quite work out that way because BMW had a problem delivering my car on the date (they totaled it a week before I collected it)... so they loaned me a 535i for my trip to Germany. Irv made sure that everything went awesome and even went so far as to request that the original plates that were tagged for my car were put in the trunk of the loan car so I'd still have that to take home.

I detailed some of my experience here, and one of these days I might get back to finishing that damned thread! Still, it was the trip of a lifetime and I had a blast.

After getting home and getting my newly built car (replacement) Stateside, I availed myself of the Performance Center Delivery which I took on November 30th, 2011. This thread I completed... you can read all about it here. This was the driving experience of a lifetime, and gave me some great memories and fun times.

I am still enjoying my 1'er coupe, and will definitely give Irv a call next time I (or any of my friends for that matter) start thinking about another BMW.

+1 for Irv... worth talking to