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Originally Posted by pwrdbynel View Post
It wasn't Garrett; it was the special teamís coach that told him to call a time out. Anyways yes I think the cowboys will make the playoffs if and this is a big if, if they beat the giants on Sunday. If you look at the cowboys loses, we never have been blown out, except for the eagles game. Every other team we lost to them in the 4th quarter and a lot of blame goes to Garrett, even the cardinal game. Yes the special team coach told him to call a time out, but he could have said no. Garrett is not a head coach in my eyes, and Al Davis Jr. AKA Jerry Jones should just hire a high profile coach and sit his old ass in the stands and stay there and STFU. Only then will the Cowboys win in the playoffs and a super bowl. Cowboy players are drama queens and they will always need a proven winning head coach to put their pre Madonna asses in check.
He did that already with Parcells, he will never give up doing what he does and for that I am thankful