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Ok guys:

Tuning is handled, we got it all to work with a specially designed piggy back computer that is easy to install and works in tandem with the OEM ECU, so resale is a 100% possibility, and install is much easier and there is no need to flash the car any more!

And the best news, the car is holding 7.5psi of boost with our system. Out of a Vortech V3.

We will offer this in stages, so stage 1 will be entry level with nice power, but no air to water cooling. Stage 2 gets the air to water system and can add methanol also - but it is not required to run meth if you do not want too. Car will still use 91 octane fuel, nothing more is needed. Those who can get 93+ pump gas, are just lucky and can use it if they wish

As we continue testing and reading the car, we will start to do on road testing in the next few weeks with a couple runs to las Vegas and back as well as up the mountains out here, to see if any further tweaking is needed from out in shop tests, to the real world usage.

Stage 2 pricing will be under $8k, with the stage one still below that. (Can't mention exact pricing in this thread, but just as.a rough idea)

We hope to have pictures and video of the retail application within 2-4 weeks! And will be ready with a kit by the end of January, let me know what you guys think.

I know its been a long road, but I feel we have tackled this as clean and efficiently as possible, with no complicated install guides or splicing wires left and right. This is clean, simple, and safe. All the things we set out to accomplish, we have.

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