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Originally Posted by jimmydever View Post
Gavin obviously can chime in and tell better, but I'm pretty sure the supercharger feeds into the throttle body on whichever engine its on, meaning the OEM manifold is retained.

This would mean the 3stage manifold would still exist. Not sure if it would matter with FI.

But yes the underlying engine is the same and software is most likely the same between the two so the only difference would be the three stage manifold, and that actually may be bad for power when it is being fed pressurized air. Only one way to know.
I think i got turbocharger and supercharger mixed up yesterday somehow... though, i don't know if the 3-stage intake will be able to handle the 7.5psi Gavin is compressing into the engine... ?

@Gavin... if i wanted to get the most out of the supercharger, what else could i do in additional parts to increase the compression ratio? I.e. higher flow fuel injectors w/ more boost(smaller pulley) and timing control, methanol w/ water injectors, etc.? Bigger bore throttle body (like the Dinan TB)? What else did you tune besides ECU and Spark Plug gap?

and i know you guys have only had the product running for a day, but i'm still curious to know about how the Automatic Transmissions will handle the horsepower/torque increase? Would a performance torque converter solve the problem you think?
And is your car a manual?