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I went from a cbr900rr and an r6 to my 1200 sporty. its def not as fast but honestly wayyyyy more fun to ride. I can be out for a whole day and not rly be sore. I have done a few things to make it look more to my liking and I am super happy with it. My personal opinion on vrods though is they look pretty lame. I have ridden two and I like the way my sporty handles a lot better. Also, stock for stock, a 1200 sporty will be faster. If your not into the sportster though look into the blackline. Personally I think they look great and I have heard they are a lot of fun to ride.
You know the Harley is not a bad thing, i have had over 40 bikes in 40 years had all sorts, as you get a little older we slow down just a little, take in the smells and have a look around this is how you ride a bike, if it gets a little cold you can fit up the quick fit screen and put on your heated gloves no need to speed its just good clean fun, Well that is untill you change that exhaust and pull on your vest with that patch.
Ulysses hey petie hehehe