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Originally Posted by dionisk View Post
Is that space gray or sparkling graphite? Looks like my sparkling graphite. Ill post pics when I can as I too have LUX H8 installed, with an aero front, m3 rep sides. Curious what mods you do as we might have very similar cars.

You've got me contemplating CF front aero over my oem one. Not sure if CF looks tacky though. You guys think if CF lip is done CF everything else has to be done? (Mirrors, etc?)

Also trying to come up with what rims to get. 18", bun have no idea on what style and what color would go well with already mentioned mods and sparkling graphite.

Sorry for slightly derailing the thread.
Ya mine is a space gray. I'm still on the fence about the aerolip because I worried about my ground clearence because I live on a higher street and entering and exiting it will be hard with a decreased front ground clearence. Also I don't know if I like the half cf aerolip I feel that's either it's going to look real nice or really bad. As for Rims I think the m6 rims look nice on the car. Especially space gray.