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Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post
Very much like the 911 vids; it's all about the driver. He's got skills. The only way to wring this thing out into a prolonged drift would be a massive flick or a wet road.
If you really need to believe that in order for your 'car world' and all those years of listening to Jeremy Clarkson's bs make some sense to you then go ahead. Fine by me.

But you have to ask yourself one simple question... why do the the most popular and successful 911s (available to the general public) were, are and always will be the all-wheel drive variants since the introduction of the 959 through the 964, 993 and all the models that followed?!

Let me help you to find the answer... BECAUSE THEY ARE SAFER TO DRIVE FAST!

Why?! Here's why...

Unbalanced car - engine behind the rear axle - 911:

Balanced car - 53:47 front-to-rear weight distribution - Toyobaru:

You you can't deny physics... but you can wave your hand to the crowd while you are driving a Toyobaru sideways - that's how balanced it is!

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