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Originally Posted by Gavin@MMW View Post
Yes we did - We have some more information coming up tomorrow.

All I can say now is that the headers are in the car and a totally new system has been designed for supercharging. No oil lines to deal with, and install will be a breeze. also bringing in Air to water cooling, which is always fun.

Better update tomorrow with some images and such
Wow.. once again NO PICS as promised. Dude I don't believe a damn thing you say anymore. The only reason I can see why you haven't posted any pics.. is because there isn't anything to take pictures of. Why can't you just post some development pics or an engine bay shot with the supercharger installed? Hell, even a picture of the supercharger you are supposedly using would be better than nothing. It's not like you are developing a top secret stealth bomber that would give enemies an advantage if they saw it.