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30d and 28i

To quote Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters, the 30d has been \"Erased, Replaced\" in the new F30. Or has it?
Here are the headlines...
30d - 258hp 560NM (although the most potent form we see in the 3 series is in the E90 LCI at 245hp and 520NM).
28i - 245hp 350NM.
Mated to the 8spd Steptronic, the 28i is the same, if not marginally quicker than the 30d, despite to torque defecit.
Here is the amazing bit - the 28i has a lower CO2 than the E90 LCI 330d. 147g/km opposed to 155g/km respectively. It will get a little less to the gallon. Combined, the 28i will get 44mpg, our 330d gets 45mpg so I wouldn\'t be too upset about 1mpg! It will also be lighter and even though it is an I4, it still sounds great!
If the new 30d is dropped into the F30, its emissions should be around the 130g/km mark and it will have more power and torque than the 28i. It will be more fuel efficient too. But since they haven\'t done this and you want an F30 330d, surely you should go for the 28i?
What do you think about it all?

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