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Originally Posted by Radioactive Man View Post
Just curious if any of the NJ guys out there are running around without a front license plate, and if so, have you been pulled over specifially for this violation?

My CA was actually disappointed when I said I was gonna put the front license bracket on, then I said I'd think about it. Haven't even gotten the plates, so it's not really an issue yet. It's just the car looks so much cleaner without it on!

I know it's a gamble, but I might be willing to play this game...
Haha, no way you live in Washington Township! Gloucester County or one of the other 9 WT's in Jersey? I swear I just saw a Montego Blue E92 on Egg Harbor road a few days ago with temp tags on it.

Edit: I just saw your sig, HAD to be you. Are you Asian by any chance? I'm pretty sure that's what the driver was anyway.