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Exclamation 335xi Problems on Cold Weather Startup

Hello All,

I posted about this last year but got no response. The problem is cropping up more often now so I thought I would give it a second chance on the forum.

Here is the problem. SOMETIMES, when I turn the car on I get a DSC error and a start brake error. While these errors are present, I lose the following functions:

Cruise Control

Dynamic Traction Control

Start Brake - Im auto and dont use the start brake so I am not sure if it is actually turned off

Dynamic Xenon Lights - Lights turn normally under 30km but over that speed they go all the way to the right and stay there.

I find this happens when I park my car outside. The problem seems to be made worse if I park my car on unlevel ground. Sometimes it even throws the error when I park it overnight in an attached garage.

If I warm the car up, it sometimes goes away. Sometimes not. I can drive down the road for 30 mins and turn the car off and it goes away SOMETIMES, but most of the time it doesn't.

Emailed my SA and she said that the sensor is finnicky and malfunctions if I get ice or snow on it. My car is a CPO but not sure if the sensor is under warrenty.

Any Xi's out there have this problem?

I really bought the vehicle to be safe on the highway so when my cruise control and dct is constantly being turned off it's kinda annoying.
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