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Originally Posted by Kruz View Post
Very strange...not sure if Im following you as I have no issues here. I think the stuck xenons are a separate issue altogether.

Is "Start brake" = emergency brake?

What sensor is the SA referring to?
Start brake is the brake that prevents you from rolling backwards on a hill from a stop.

The dynamic xenons work flawlessly when the errors are not present. They are for sure part of the error.

I am also confused on what 'sensor' governs these functions. Ill paste what my SA said when I reported the problem to her:

Our lovely road conditiona can cause several false warnings to come on. As all these systems (4x4, dsc, flat tire monitor, cruise control, e brake etc) use input from the wheel speeds sensors, if there is a "tire slip" situation (ie ice on the road) it can make all these systems think there is a problem, when in reality, all is ok. Do let me know if they return and stay on though, as I want to make sure you are safe!

I told her I would keep an eye on the problem but now that it is happening more frequent I'd like to do something about it. If it was a quick fix I'd do it myself but I am thinking I might be the only one with this issue.