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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
I drive a Z3 M Coupe, the very definition of hoonage. I've also tracked a few Exiges/Elises that didn't have an over abundance of power or a capability to rotate under off-peak power very well, but they really didn't exhibit power-on understeer and were certainly capable of getting into the power earlier than any front engine car I've driven..
Did the Exiges/Elises oversteer then?! Have you ever driven an equally lightweight front engine (rwd) car to really compare?!

Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
The one cautionary thing I have to say about the Lotii is that they had awful throttle response from a Toyota n/a engine, so hopefully the Toyota part of this engine is offset by the Subaru parts. I've tracked STi's too that had better throttle response than many modern drive by wire n/a engines.
There's nothing like the throttle response from a good NA engine... either driven by wire or otherwise.

If you drive a Z3 M Coupe you should know what I'm talking about...