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Originally Posted by Hybrid For Life View Post
how harsh are we talking of a ride on the street with 400/800? Im in the market for coils and have an option to essentially get springs in the any stiffness i want due to order the coils straight from the manufacturer. I plan on going pretty low once the coils are on and want a pretty stiff ride although not rock hard. I live in Santa Barbara (soCal) so i might be at a few track days but nothing crazy. recommendations?
Also the coils im looking into are BC Racing and I can only seem to find the stock spring rates for those coils in 7k/11k. How would I translate those numbers into pounds?
You can refer to this Swift spring guide.. has good info for rate conversion, weight calculations and stroke dimensions...It all depends on the valving of your dampers, how many adjustments they have etc....but 400/800 seems to be a good startin point

Swift Coil Over Springs _Parts & Spec Sheet.pdf