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Originally Posted by phillyfan View Post
The GM obviously is not interested in helping you, but maybe you can work something out with this lawyer. I'd call him everyday to see if there is any further resolution. And after enough days go by, and no action has occurred, I'd ask him directly, if you were me, what would you do? Remind him that this is seemingly a major safety critical failure.
- What happened to the OP sounds terrible. With that said, if the lawyer that represents Penske is any good, he would be worthless, except for maybe updates if anything is going on. My guess is that at this point, this is fruitless as well. He would contact the OP if there are any developments. Regarding asking the lawyer for advice, legally he can not give it. If he offered advice against his client, he should be fired and possibly be sued by Penske, despite how bad the issue might be. In other words, he will most likely not give advice, unless he is not a good lawyer. If he is not a good lawyer, do you really want his advice?