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Okay, so let’s get rational here for a minute. I lived in Maryland for 30 years with a car and all of my family still lives there, so unless Maryland changed the laws recently, there is no annual state inspection other than emissions. So I'm assuming when you say state inspection you mean you bought the 335i used and are getting a safety inspection as required by the Maryland DMV prior to it being tagged. I've been through the process at least 5 times, so I know what you are up against. Unless the car is showing a Service Engine Soon light due to the plug misfiring, it should pass state inspection. The state inspection list has to be posted on the wall of the shop, so you can go read it and show the SA that the air filter and plugs are not part of the inspection check list. Here's the check list:

• Steering system
• Wheel alignment
• Suspension
• Brake system
• Wheels / tires
• Fuel system
• Exhaust system
• Bumpers
• Fenders
• Lights
• Electrical system
• Mirrors
• Glazing (windows)
• Wipers
• Hood / catches
• Door handle latches
• Floor / trunk pans
• Speedometer / odometer
• Driver seat
• Safety belts
• Motor mounts
• Gear shift indicator
• Universal and CV (constant velocity) joints
• Emissions equipment - this does not mean air filters and spark plugs; it means catalytic converters, O2 sensors, air pumps, EGR systems, etc.

Now as far as your car is concerned, being a 335i, it requires plugs at 45,000 (at least when it first came out - BMW may have later changed the spec on it). The owner’s manual will tell you the spark plug change interval, as will the CBS. BMWs interval for engine air filters is every 3rd oil change, following BMWs OCI, so about every 45,000 miles. Since your car is at 53K miles, both are due (bit not necessary to pass Maryland state inspection). However, paying $725 is ridiculous and the dealer is ripping you (way the fuck) off. If the dealer is withholding passing your car for the state inspection because they say it needs plugs and an air filter, then report them to the DMV. Take the car to a gas station or tire shop that does inspections and have it re-inspected.

If you are going to change the plugs and air filter, if you don't DIY already, starting to learn on a complex BMW 335i is not the place to start. Like others have said, find a good independent BMW mechanic to have the work done. Now that said, assuming the car is used, how do you not know the plugs and air filter were not already changed by the previous owner at 45,000 miles?

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